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Some builders prefer using plaster. Others rely on drywall. Both offer specific advantages, but the end results are similar. For your remodel or new construction project, you want to hire someone with experience in both plaster and drywall application.

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When should you choose plaster? What makes drywall a better choice?

When should you choose plaster? What makes drywall a better choice?

There are valid arguments to be made for using plaster over drywall, or vice-versa, depending on the circumstances. Plaster has been used for years, but it has been replaced by drywall for use in most new homes because drywall is faster to install. But for your new building, it could be a tossup.

Here’s how you can decide between plaster and drywall:

  • If you want more of a high-end appearance, choose plaster.
  • If you want more options for insulation, choose drywall.
  • Want to soundproof your home? Choose plaster.
  • Trying to save time and money? Go with drywall.

If you’re a home builder in the Arona, PA area, call us about your project. We’ll help you determine what’s best for your remodel or new construction project.